Multiplayer games

If you are looking for the best free to play multiplayer browser games, we have got you covered. With over thirty games and counting, we have every type of multiplayer game genre available. Want to race against your friends with supercars? We've got it. Want to compete with your friend in a head to head battle to see who can perform the trickest stunt? We've got it. Want to battle in Counter Strike style first person shooters? We've got it. Want to see who has the guts to survive waves of zombies? We've got it.

Rest assured, here at Thunder Storm Games, we have every multiplayer game you could dream of. Remember, our team is working hard on making deals and getting the latest multiplayer games ahead directly from the game developers, so these games will be added to regularly.

Want to know the best part of all? It's all free. Free, free, free. You can play as much as you want and not have to pay a penny. We are funded by our display advertising, so please be respectful and disable your ad blocker on We appreciate you playing our games.

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